The Festive Sarnie by Stephanie

This is a fantastic tasty sandwich to enjoy with leftover roast haunch, perfect for boxing day but also great in the run up to christmas to get in the mood!


  • Little Gem whole lettuce leaves
  • Sage & Onion stuffing mix (with added hot water but no need to oven bake for this)
  • Cranberry/Redcurrant/Raspberry Jam
  • Leftover cold cuts of Roast Haunch (Even better if it was cured before cooking!)
  • Bread & Butter!


Just make your sandwich with the ingredients listed above. Don’t be stingy on the venison but don’t put too much stuffing in or it will become soggy. The amount of jam you add is up to your own taste buds and how sweet n saucy you like it. Enjoy!

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