Game Seasons

Red StagAug 1 – Apr 30
Red HindNov 1 – Mar 31
Fallow BuckAug 1 – Apr 30
Fallow DoeNov 1 – Mar 31
Sika StagAug 1 – Apr 30
Sika HindNov 1 – Mar 31
Roe BuckApr 1 – Oct 31
Roe DoeNov 1 – Mar 31
CWD BuckNov 1 – Mar 31
CWD DoeNov 1 – Mar 31
Muntjac*No Closed Season

*There is no statutory closed season for Muntjac.

What This Means

The Red Months in the image above are when most deer is out of season. During this time the stalker can only get Muntjac or Roe. Deerliveries may be slower during this time. Prepare well in advance for these months.

The Orange Months in the image show when things start to either pick up or slow down. These include males of more deer varieties (Sika/Fallow/Red). In April you’ll need to get your last orders in for these breeds until the next season starts. From Aug to November, the season is just getting started, but females still can’t be stalked, and things can be a little slow.

The Green Months in the image are when season is in full swing and both males and females of most breeds can be obtained including sika, fallow, roe, red, and Chinese water deer (CWD). Our main stalker cannot currently obtain red, sika, or CWD, though this is subject to change.

Wood Pigeon

Wood pigeon is available year round as there is no closed season on this animal. To find out more about why Wood Pigeon are culled visit our page here on Why Eat Game.