3kg Venison Family Pack

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Our main supply for the 3kg box is fallow. On occasion we might get muntjac, roe or sika in instead when fallow supply is short. These are all high quality and mild tasting meats suitable for beginners. You will NOT get RED substituted for fallow unless permission is given first. This is because Red is a looser grain high game taste meat so it’s not for beginners.

Fallow is readily available in season, is a high quality meat and is our best value venison. The large fillets and the rump are excellent steak cuts, while the neck and shoulder are fantastic for slower cooking. Most of our recipes are done with fallow; you can see our recipe highlights here.

Cuts Provided per Order:

  • Neck
  • Diced Shoulder
  • Boned & Rolled Haunch or Steaks
  • Fillet

Sometimes you may also receive Rump Steaks, Diced Steak or Mince in your order. This depends on the size of the deer obtained in order to reach the correct weight and will vary.

How it Works

Our 3kg Venison pack is essentially 1/4 of a deer when butchered. This way you get a bit of everything at the lowest possible discounted price and we get to make sure none of the deer we get goes to landfill. You are guaranteed to get a minimum of 3kg total weight in this pack.

You can find out more about how this process works and how long you can expect to wait for your order here.


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Plastic, Compostable PLA

4 reviews for 3kg Venison Family Pack

  1. admin

    A review sent to us via email 10/11/2021:
    “Hi we just had some of the venison we collected from you this morning.
    It’s very good. We’re pleased with the quality and packaging. Definitely will be ordering more👍
    Liz and Abu Rasheed”

  2. Mon & Si Ward

    We had a 3kg venison bag just before Christmas. We roasted the haunch for our guest, did a neck curry, enjoyed the fillet by ourselves and every time found the meat just wonderful. The husband declared it the best he ever had and I agree with him. I am so glad to have found such a good source of venison, you are my go-to now! We also loved getting a taste of your delicious biltong, which was unfamiliar to both of us.

  3. Steve and Kay

    We have been using Ethical Game for around 6 months now and I can honestly say it’s the best meat I’ve ever tasted. We have tried to go vegetarian in the past due to the usual concerns about factory farmed meat and it’s impact on the planet but I just missed it too much. Now we can enjoy a quality product that is sourced ethicaly and priced reasonably. Roast haunch on Sunday, diced venison curry, mince in my chilli and slow cooked neck casseroles are my favourites. Even my 5 year old son loves it. Top marks.

  4. Shivaji Shiva

    Our Christmas plans changed just days before when a family member came down with Covid (she’s fine) and we found we would be eating at home. I’d met Alan and Steph at King’s Norton farmers market and gave them a call. We had a 1kg haunch – and it made for a great Christmas Day roast. The order process was quick and easy – Steph and Alan are a delight to deal with. They even gave me a couple of recipes. The haunch also gave us a Boxing Day stir fry. Thanks again!

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