6kg Venison Mega Value Pack

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Our main supply for the 6kg box is fallow. On occasion we might get muntjac, roe or sika in instead when fallow supply is short. These are all high quality and mild tasting meats suitable for beginners. You will NOT get RED substituted for fallow unless permission is given first. This is because Red is a looser grain high game taste meat so it’s not for beginners.

Fallow is readily available in season, is a high quality meat and is our best value venison. The large fillets and the rump are excellent steak cuts, while the neck and shoulder are fantastic for slower cooking. Most of our recipes are done with fallow; you can see our recipe highlights here.

Cuts Usually Provided per Order

  • Neck
  • Diced Shoulder
  • Boned & Rolled Haunch or Steaks
  • Hock
  • Fillet

Sometimes you may also receive Rump Steaks, Diced Steak or Mince in your order. This depends on the size of the deer obtained in order to reach the correct weight and will vary.

How it Works

Our 6kg Venison pack is essentially 1/2 of a deer when butchered. This way you get a bit of everything at the lowest possible discounted price and we get to make sure none of the deer we get goes to landfill. You are guaranteed to get a minimum of 6kg total weight in this pack.

You can find out more about how this process works and how long you can expect to wait for your order here.

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Plastic, Compostable PLA

1 review for 6kg Venison Mega Value Pack

  1. Ian Russell

    I ordered half a fallow day last autumn. Since then we have returned for various cuts. To be honest I love every single one of the offerings. The neck and the hock have been superb, slow cooked with a hint of star anise and black pepper and thyme and then made in to soup, or ragu or pulled apart in the case of the hock.

    The fillet is so tender and yet had a good depth of flavour. The haunch is again a great roast and even the smaller joints we have had are huge leaving ample leftovers for sandwiches, stir frys or other creations.

    The butchery is done to a high standard and the packaging is offered in a plastic free format. The whole ethos of this product is ethical by nature and comes highly recommended and very well priced

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