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Why is Our Pigeon Ethical?

First of all let’s start with some clarification. We source Wood Pigeon for our butchers store – and not feral pigeons. Wood pigeons like to nest in quieter areas like woodlands and farmlands, whereas feral pigeons have no issues in the city. Because of this, wood pigeons are also quite picky about their food – […]

Wood Pigeon with Port & Orange Reduction

Ingredients Wood pigeon breast (1-2 pp) Large Orange 250ml Port 2 tbsp Honey Fresh coriander Fresh Pomegranate seeds Method To make the reduction, add the port to a small pan with the honey and the juice and pulp of the orange. Simmer gently until it reaches the desired consistency (you can choose to add cornflour […]

Wood Pigeon with Beetroot and Ginger Puree

We tried this recipe out to highlight wood pigeon and really make it easier for people to make the leap to this delightful meat. Its quick and simple to do and will certainly make impressive canapes or salads. Ingredients Red Seedless Grapes, quartered. Wood Pigeon breast (1-2 pp) Pea shoots Cooked beetroot x 5 1-2 […]