The Steak Box


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The Steak Box give you the best quality cuts of Venison ready to go for the perfect night in, romantic meal, fancy gathering or just a good quality sarnie. Whatever you do with your steak, this box has it covered.

  • Diced Steak 500-600g
  • Fillet Steaks 400g~
  • Rump Steak 100-150g
  • Haunch SteaksĀ  450-550g

All premium steak cuts, no slow roasting cuts.

All packaged in biodegradable & compostable vacuum packaging and presented in a compostable cardboard box.

Our main supply for the steak box is fallow. On occasion we might get muntjac, roe or sika in instead when fallow supply is short. These are all high quality and mild tasting meats suitable for beginners. You will NOT get RED substituted for fallow unless permission is given first. This is because Red is a looser grain high game taste meat so it’s not for beginners.


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